LonAgro Rwanda Acting Country Manager

LonAgro Management has appointed Gerard Muganambuga as the new Acting Country Manager for LonAgro Rwanda. Gerard will be taking care of all the previous Country Manager’s tasks in addition to those of his previous role as Aftersales Manager since the inception of LonAgro Rwanda.

Gerard has a wealth of experience having served in similar roles for three years as Aftersales Manager at the previous John Deere, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan dealerships in Rwanda.  Prior to his career in the machinery and automotive fields, Gerard was a French, Geography and Art teacher for 5 years at one of the premier secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago, and he owned and operated a vehicle parts shop in Trinidad as well.

Gerard says that he looks forward to interacting with our new and existing customers, both in the field and inside the LonAgro Rwanda dealership!