Biocom John Deere CH570 Training

LonAgro Angola recently hosted a training session with Biocom to familiarize operators with the John Deere CH570 Harvester and how best to optimize their operations using these cutting-edge machines.

The training took place at Biocom’s Cacuso plantation in Malange, and was facilitated by representative from John Deere South Africa; João Manuel Simões and Vikar Sheopshad, together with trainers Andre Olwagen and Koos Van Jaarsveld

The training was split into three parts which covered; Operator Training, Operations and Adjustment, and lastly, Optimization. The training was limited to a maximum of 15 operators to ensure adequate attention and enough capacity to attend to any question that operators may have.

At the completion of the training, the Management of LonAgro were presented with a scale model of a CH570.