LonAgro Angola US Embassy Breakfast

On 27 November; LonAgro Angola Country Manager, Eduardo Lima attended a business breakfast at the official Residence of the US Ambassador to Angola, Madam Ambassador Nina Maria Fite.

The theme of the breakfast was “Doing Business in Angola” and the invitation was extended to representatives from big US companies and those representing US brands in Angola. At this private event, the Ambassador together with representatives from Washington D.C. sought to gauge how the private sector felt about the economy of Angola.

The breakfast gave the attendees an opportunity to share their opinions and experiences on doing business in Angola, and what their thoughts were going into the future.

One of the main concerns shared by guests was the lack of FOREX. But at the same time, it’s now visible that BNA (Banco Nacional de Angola) is putting in amazing effort to offer proper finance products to companies that need to transfer their money.

Thankfully, the confidence for “Doing Business in Angola” is starting to emerge again, as the Government has begun demonstrating good diplomatic work on an international level, and compliance policies are being putting in place, throughout the Governmental services, Banking, etc.