Kashyap Godavarthi Appointed as LonAgro Tanzania Country Manager

Kashyap Godavarthi 292 x 292

Lonrho Machinery Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Kashyap Godavarthi to the position of Country Manager for LonAgro Tanzania.

Kashyap joins LonAgro from Tirupati, India, with extensive experience of over 25 years working in the automotive, agriculture and construction equipment industry. He has spent over 15 years of his career working in Tanzania where he held various senior roles for FK Motors, Hyundai East Africa, GF Trucks & Equipment and CMC Motors Group.

With Kashyap now at the helm, LonAgro Tanzania looks forward to building onto the successes that the company has achieved over the last several years.

Contact Kashyap: kashyap.godavarthi@lonagro.com