Rovic Potato Harvester Excels at Onion Harvesting

LonAgro Tanzania Rovic Potato Harvester Excels at Onion Harvesting

LonAgro Tanzania has found a solution for onion farmers looking to mechanise harvesting thanks to the Rovic Potato Harvester.

Onion production and demand in Tanzania has been growing at a steady rate and with that, farmers have been looking for a way to streamline and mechanise the harvesting process.

In their efforts to find a solution, LonAgro Tanzania took it upon themselves to find which product would help onion farmers, and they found the solution in the form on the Rovic Potato Harvester!

As the name suggests, the Rovic Potato Harvester was designed for a totally different crop; but during testing, the Rovic machine proved itself perfectly suited for onion harvesting. Out in the field, the Rovic Potato Harvester lifted the onions out of the ground and placed them in neat windrows, perfect for drying and manual collection.

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In a separate LonAgro Tanzania test done on an onion field in Arusha, the Rovic Harvester achieved spectacular result despite the drier dusty conditions.

With the LonAgro Tanzania having now tested the performance of this Rovic product using a different crop, it offers a new solution for farmers across Tanzania.

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