Hello Tractor GPS Tracking Available from LonAgro

LonAgro is proud to announce that we have established a partnership with Hello Tractor, an African based technology company which specialises in the development of GPS and Web-based tracking and management products. These products are installed in agricultural machinery allowing them to be monitored through web and mobile applications

Hello Tractor’s technology solutions make fleet management easier and more profitable while supporting all aspects of your fleet; from managing tractor operators through to your farming customers, Hello Tractor has a solution.

John Deere Director of Sale and Marketing Asian and Africa Jason Brantley_Hell Tractor

Hello Tractor turns your regular tractors into “Smart Tractors” by connecting them to a data cloud. This allows farmers to see where their tractors are located, the make and model, the performance of each machine, and the availability of the tractor according to the hiring calendar. This information allows the owner to increase business operational efficiency, resulting in cost-saving and increased revenue for the owner.

Hello Tractor

As a leader in the agricultural market, LonAgro always strives to offer our customer the best solutions and we will be offering both the GPS kit and installation to our customers when purchasing equipment from selected LonAgro branches.

Hello Tractor_onAgro_GPS Tracking Now Available!

Click Here to contact your nearest LonAgro branch and find out more about installing Hello Tractor products today.